The purpose of the San Juan Ranch Horse Futurity is to show case the qualities that make our ranch horses the most important tool we use. The breeders in our area have spent years developing the type of ranch horses that are willing partners, who help cowboys get the job done. They specifically breed for a horse that is highly versatile; one that has intelligence, disposition and athletic ability. The futurity is designed to put all of these qualities to the test. It is also a way for spectators and potential buyers to see theses characteristics in action. We believe the futurity will help our local breeders to improve the quality of horses they are producing. It is an incentive for them to produce the very best and most capable horses they can.


Only the get of studs on the San Juan Ranch Horse’s list of qualified sires are eligible. The current list of qualified SJRH Studs are listed on the web site. In order for the get of a stud to be eligible, the owner of the sire must pay a nomination fee of $250.00 each year. This fee will go towards the prize money that is offered at the Ranch Horse Futurity. The stud owner will receive a portion of the prize money that is won by the get of his stud.


Only horses age 3 to 6 years old will be eligible to participate in the SJRHF.  A paid up sire is eligible to enter the SJRHF.   Stud payments are due by April 1st. Eligible horses must be registered and entry fees paid, by June 1st.  A rider may exhibit up to,  two horses per event.  A rider must compete in all events in order to be eligible for the all around.


Requirements: Western Tack, (any bit or rein type) and attire ( Cowboy hat, boots and long sleeve shirt) No tie downs in the two trail courses.


There will be 4 events. Conformation, Ranch Trail, One man sorting, and the Disposition/Trainability course.  The conformation event is a pass or fail event, and is mandatory for all horses entered. There is no entry fee for the conformation event.  An entry fee will be charged for each of the other events entered. The entry fee will go into the prize money. Prizes will be awarded for the three timed events, as well as the all-around winner.




Conformation:  no entry fee, scored only pass or fail. Horse is inspected at a walk and trot.  Lead to inspection with any piece of equipment (halter or bridle) Inspectors will be checking for correct conformation, correctness of movement, and health of the horse. All horses that pass will receive bonus points towards their all-around score.


Ranch Trail Course: entry fee $25.00. The course will contain things that a ranch horse may encounter during a work day. This will be a timed course. Any failed obstacles will add a 60 second penalty to your overall course time. Possible course obstacles may include, dead fall or crossing large logs, water, opening a gate, animals, riding by a branding fire, putting on a slicker, crossing a bridge, etc.


One man sorting: entry fee $25.00.  The purpose of this event is to sort out cattle that may be sick, need worked, or moved out of the herd for other reasons.  This is a timed event.


Disposition/Trainability Course: entry fee $25.00.  The course will contain obstacles that require the horse to slow down and use the thinking side of his brain.  This is also a timed course.  Each failed obstacle will add 60 seconds to your overall course time. Possible course obstacles may include, ground tie, hobble, inspecting your horses feet, rope throw, trailer loading, etc.


 San Juan Ranch Horse Futurity All-Around Champion Horse and Event  Winners


Event prizes will be awarded in each of the three events.  Depth of prize money, to be awarded from 2nd place on down, will be determined by number of entries in each event. An Overall Champion will be awarded based on the horse that has the best score in each of the three events, and must pass the confirmation inspection.


The sire owner of the All-Around champion will receive a 100% payback of the nomination fee and a breeders recognition award.