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 JM Grover Enterprises is a family run cow-calf operation in Blanding, Utah.  Erik, BJ, and Preston all cover a lot of miles on horseback because that's what it takes to run a ranch in southeastern Utah.  They have a top notch breeding program, producing quality Quarter Horses that are in use throughout the ranching country of the Four Corners. You know when you buy a gelding from them that the horse has a lot of experience and has seen most everything.  For more information, call Preston (435) 979-3168, BJ (435) 459-0040, or Erik (435) 979-2854.

Lot 2

2014 Buckskin Filly
"Money Bear"

This is a very fancy buckskin filly.  She has the confirmation, color, and pedigree to go far and look good doing it.  This baby is the cream of the crop!

JM Grover Enterprises, 2014 Buckskin Filly, AQHA Eligible 


Lot 6

2014 Dun Filly

With great color and fabulous breeding, this filly should go far in the ranch or reining world.  

JM Grover Enterprises, 2014 Dun Filly, AQHA Eligible 


Lot 21

Click here to see a video of "PHIL" in action.

2011 Gelding
JM Bold Leader

Here is a 3 year old buckskin gelding with a great ranch horse start.  He travels out really well, isn't afraid of anything, and will go wherever you point him to go.  He loves to push cows, laying his ears back and going to work.  No bad habits to break with this all around great 3 year old.

JM Grover Enterprises,2011 Buckskin Gelding, AQHA Appendix X0700596


Lot 26

 2014 Grullo Filly

This filly is Preston's pick of the bunch.  She has the mind and athletic ability to do anything you want her to do.

JM Grover Enterprises, 2014 Grullo Filly, AQHA Eligible 


Lot 10

2014 Bay Stallion

We are very excited about this cross.  We have ridden a bunch out of Blue Apache Warrior and Hancock Four Cee.  They are very ranchy horses, and this baby should prove to be no exception.

JM Grover Enterprises, 2014 Bay Stallion, AQHA Eligible 


Lot 14

2014 Dun Filly

If you are looking for a big fancy mare, this dun filly should meet your needs.  She is going to be big and powerful and has the right color.

JM Grover Enterprises, 2014 Dun Filly, AQHA Eligible 


Lot 17

2014 Dun Horse Colt

Last year, at this time, the full sibling to this colt was the same color as this baby.  When she shed off in the fall she was one of the prettiest buttermilk buckskin horses around.   With only a few horse colts this year, you won't want to miss out on this baby.  His bloodlines go back to some great San Juan County bloodlines with Red Ranche's Two Dee Cody and our JS Thirsty Skipper (Whiskey), you won’t find  a better ranch horse pedigree in San Juan County.  He will have the size and eye appeal to do anything you want.

JM Grover Enterprises, 2014 Dun Horse Colt, AQHA Eligible


Lot 20

2014 Bay Roan Filly

This is the first foal crop out of our blue roan stallion.  She will be a great all-around horse.  The mother goes back to both of our older stallions Whiskey and Cowboy.  This filly should have a great disposition with good eye appeal. 

JM Grover Enterprises, 2014 Bay Roan Filly, AQHA Eligible


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