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 JM Grover Enterprises is a family run cow-calf operation in Blanding, Utah.  Erik, BJ, and Preston all cover a lot of miles on horseback because that's what it takes to run a ranch in southeastern Utah.  They have a top notch breeding program, producing quality Quarter Horses that are in use throughout the ranching country of the Four Corners. You know when you buy a gelding from them that the horse has a lot of experience and has seen most everything.  Click on a horse's name to see video of the horse in action.


Sunny - 2006 Palomino Gelding


Sunny is a big stout ranch horse with a lot of heart.  He is big, fast, and athletic.  We have used him to catch wild cows and horses this winter, and to drag calves to  the fire this spring.  He covers the country well and travels out fast and smooth.  We are selling Sunny as a grade gelding.  JM Grover Enterprises , raised him and sold him as a baby, but the buyer did not send in the paperwork so he is not registered.  We know his parents and age.  Tyler Ivins rides a full brother to him, and if you see Tyler chasing wild cows, you can bet he will be mounted on a big palomino gelding because they are bred to have a good mind with the ability to get the job done and look good doing it.



Oakley - 2008 Sorrel Gelding


Oakley is a big, fast, athletic, and has a lot of heart.  We have used him to catch wild cows and horses this winter, and used him to drag calves to  the fire each spring.  He covers the rugged country of San Juan County well.  We use Oakley for a ten year old to ride when we move or gather cows on the ranch.  Cowboys, don't miss out in adding Oakley to your string!




Nibbles - 2006 Bay Gelding

This 8 year old gelding has a gentle disposition and has been used to drag calves to the fire and push cows.  Our nine year old boy has loved to ride him and has been able to do just about anything on him. Nibbles is a great, easy going horse.




Dusty - 2009 Buckskin Gelding

Dusty had done everything there is to do on a ranch.  He travels out good.  He has a big heart and will pack you all day long.  He will get the work done.



Larks JM Cowboy (Jr.) - 2004 Grullo Gelding   AQHA 4541482

A big good looking gelding that can really go.  He is cinchy if you screw the saddle down tight he'll go over backwards, but if you go slow he is fine.  He has been roped from.  He has been used since he was a two year old in 4-H and gymkhanas.  He has never had a set of shoes on.  He was ridden three weekends in a row to Hurrah Pass and never went sore.




This 2013 Dun Filly has a lot of cutting horse blood on the dam side with Leo and Peppy San Badger.




This 2013 buckskin filly is one beautiful baby!   This fancy filly has both color and confirmation and the pedigree to be a fantastic ranch horse.




What a great baby! This 2013 bay roan filly will be fancy and able to go any way you want her to go.  She comes from proven ranch horse stock.




We are extremely excited about his 2013 Bay Roan Stud Colt.  He has the bloodlines of all three of our stallions, and has five
generations of our favorite mares, which were great kids horses, on the dam side.  With his pedigree, we are sure
that he is going to be an amazing ranch horse




This lot is one flashy dun horse colt!  Don’t miss out!


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