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Shawn has spent his life around horses and cattle. He understands what makes a good horse and has spent years working to produce top saddle horses. He has a small band of brood mares and an exceptional Stud. In It Two Win It, is a line bred Two Eyed Jack stud with an unbeatable pedigree. We are excited about the future, and look forward to producing many top saddle horses that will be able to get any job done.




Mr. Joes Sportster, aka Tomack, is a registered 4 year old palomino gelding. He is bred to the hilt, and goes back to the Super Horse, Mr Baron Red. He is 14.3 hands and stout built. He is gentle and easy to handle in every way. He has been ridden hundreds of miles and done every aspect of ranch work. He has packed salt, doctored cows, drug calves to the fire, and been ridden through rough country. Almost anyone can ride him, he is honest and solid. No buck, no kick and no non-sense. We absolutely love this horse. He has a solid start on him and will do anything you ask of him. If you're looking for a good looking, gentle horse with an outstanding pedigree, this is the horse for you.


2016 BLUE ROAN - LOT 17


Waylon is a 5 year old grade gelding. He is a true blue roan. He comes from Hancock blood lines, and he looks it. He is 15.1 hands and 1200 lbs. He is stout and has all the right stuff to get any job done. He is gentle and easy to be around. He has a great travel and gets around in rough country. He has done every aspect of ranch work and gets better every time we ride him. He is good for an intermediate rider. He is started right and doing great, but not a finished ranch  horse. This horse will make a top ranch horse.